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Signum Office of the Actuary
st. Wojciechowskiego 40/72
02-495 Warsaw

phone: (22) 635 45 34   fax: (22) 213 19 60


Signum Office of the Actuary offers its services in the areas of:

Making a valuation of liabilities arising from collective agreements or regulations of remuneration, such as:

           •  jubilee awards
           •  pension benefits
           •  disability benefits
           •  death benefits
           •  outstanding annual leave
           •  energy equivalent
           •  coal allowances
           •  social fund
           •  other employee benefits

          in accordance with the Accounting Act, MSR, IFRS, IAS or U.S. GAAP

Designing of employee pension program, collective agreement and regulations of remuneration.

Performing analyses requiring knowledge of statistics, financial and actuarial mathematics.

Estimating financial risk of long-term projects.
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