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Signum Office of the Actuary
st. Wojciechowskiego 40/72
02-495 Warsaw

phone: (22) 635 45 34   fax: (22) 213 19 60

About as

    The office of the Actuary Signum, founded in 2004, is one of the most experienced and recognized companies dealing with actuarial advice. Signum specializes in business which requires experience and knowledge in the field of insurance, financial mathematics, statistics as well as estimating the financial risk of long-term projects.

    We offer a wide range of actuarial services, focusing on the valuation of liabilities arising from additional non-wage benefits payable to employees, resulting from signed collective agreements, rules of remuneration and other binding agreements, and the Labor Code (among others: jubilee awards, pension and disability benefits, etc.). All our calculations are in accordance with International Accounting Standards (MSR/IFRS/IAS), or, at the client's request, in accordance with US GAAP standards.

    We have vast experience which we have gained through making above thousand of similar valuations for various firmsincluding companies listed on the Stock Exchange. Our customers include both companies employing several thousand people and enterprises of about fifteen employees, private companies and state enterprises, both Polish and International companies.

   The model base which we created and accumulated through many years of practice enables us to adjust the models in a quick and professional way to the requirements of new clients as well as to keep the highest standards at the lowest possible cost. The experience we have gained allows us to advise our customers in the best solutions of designing and changing pension programs, collective agreements or regulations of remuneration.

We are the first actuarial office in Poland to have the certificates of:
          ISO 9001   - Quality Management System
          ISO 27001 - Information Security Management System
in the scope of actuarial services and valuation of liabilities.

Thanks to these certificates, you can be certain that all of the valuations within our company are  carried out by licensed actuaries, and all of the provided information is properly secured and protected against unauthorized access.

We believe an actuary is comprised of more than just  the actuarial office, valuation of reserves, jubilee award, pension benefits or disability benefits. Due to an extensive knowledge of financial mathematics, we also offer Business Valuation, Valuation of Investment Projects, business plans or transaction consulting. We cooperate with Insurance Companies in the scope of valuation of technical-insurance reserves.

We invite all interested to work with us. We will answer any questions in detail.
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